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Solid, safe and stable!

Ideal Systems has an unsurpassed range of ladders, built strong to last you a lifetime, and backed by the Bailey reputation. We can match your requirements to the correct ladder for you. Choose from a stepladder or an extension ladder, with all the features you rely on. We stock platform, single sided, double sides, order pickers, safety steps, platform steps, dual purpose, step extensions, standard extension, and deluxe extra heavy duty ladders. If you’re looking for the perfect trades person or industrial ladder, talk to us today!


Baileys Platform Ladders

Industrial Platform Stepladder
Temporary Work Platform

  • New trestle style back leg for extra strength/rigidity and resistance to ladder walk.
  • Triangular flat plate bracing - the strongest method of tread bracing available.
  • Ladderweld® platform step ladders provide a safer 'temporary work platform'.
  • Wide anti-slip platform (490 x 400mm).
  • 900mm high hand rail for added safety.
  • Made to AS/NZS1892.1
  • 150kg Load Rating
  • Industrial Duty Rating.
  • Optional - retractable wheel system available. Front wheel brackets fitted as standard.
  • Made in Australia.
Product No Description Platform Height EAN Code Weight
FS10713 Platform Step H/D 2 0.57m (1'9") 9312097020603 7.5kg
FS10714 Platform Step H/D 3 0.85m (2'8") 9312097020610 8.5kg
FS10715 Platform Step H/D 4 1.14m (3'7") 9312097020627 9.6kg
FS10716 Platform Step H/D 5 1.42m (4'7") 9312097020634 10.6kg
FS10717 Platform Step H/D 6 1.70m (5'6") 9312097020641 11.7kg
FS10718 Platform Step H/D 7 1.96m (6'5") 9312097020658 16.1kg
FS10719 Platform Step H/D 8 2.26m (7'4") 9312097020665 18.7kg

Baileys Order Picking Ladder STANDARD

Order Pickers upgraded in response to changing legislation...

  • Designed for moderate use stock picking applications
  • Available in eight (8) sizes from 3' to 12'
  • NEW! 900mm handrail on 3 sides of work platform
  • Large platform - 510 x 500mm
  • 100mm kick plate on 3 sides for extra safety
  • Heavy duty aluminum stiles and treads
  • 130kg load rating
  • Industrial duty rating
  • Tri-plate bracing - strongest method of bracing available on the market
  • NEW! Trestle style back leg gives greater strength and rigidity when working at heights.
  • NEW! Square handrail design for greater comfort and grip when climbing
  • Spring loaded castors offer portability and mobility
  • NEW! Optional extra: Safety gate in manual or auto-close operation (retro-fits in 5 minutes)
  • Made in AS/NZS 1892.1
Product No Description Platform Height EAN Code Weight
FS10863 Order Picker 3' 0.83M (2’8”) 9312097020504 12.6kg
FS10864 Order Picker 4' 1.11M (3’7”) 9312097020511 13.9kg
FS10865 Order Picker 5' 1.39M (4’6”) 9312097020528 16.4kg
FS10866 Order Picker 6' 1.67M (5’5”) 9312097020535 18.6kg
FS10867 Order Picker 7' 1.95M (6’4”) 9312097020542 19.7kg
FS10868 Order Picker 8' 2.22M (7’3”) 9312097020559 21.0kg
FS10869 Order Picker 10' 2.78M (9’2”) 9312097020568 27.3kg
FS10870 Order Picker 12' 3.34M (11’0) 9312097020573 29.1kg

Baileys Order Picking Ladder DELUXE

Innovation: Safety gates included as standard...

  • Designed for frequent use stock picking applications
  • XHD aluminum stiles and treads for added safety when working at heights
  • 100mm deep treads provide surer footing when climbing
  • Available in nine sizes from 3' to 14'
  • 900mm handrail on 3 sides of work platform to meet WorkCover requirements
  • Extra large platform - 590 x 71 Omm for sizes up to 2.4m / 590 x 91 Omm for sizes over 2.4m
  • 50mm kick plate on 3 sides for added safety
  • 150kg load rating
  • Heavy duty Industrial duty rating
  • Tri-plate bracing - strongest method of bracing available on the market
  • Patented automatic retracting wheel system fitted with heavy duty castors
  • NEW! Safety gate included as standard (can be fitted in either manual or auto-close operation)
  • Optional shelf kit available
  • Made to AS/NZS 1892.1
Product No Description Platform Height EAN Code Weight
FS10880 Deluxe Order Picker 0.9m 0.83M (2’7 “) 9312097003538 25kg
FS10881 Deluxe Order Picker 1.2m 1.11M (3’6”) 9312097003545 26.5kg
FS10882 Deluxe Order Picker 1.5m 1.38M (4’5”) 9312097009929 23.3kg
FS10883 Deluxe Order Picker 1.8m 1.66M (5’4”) 9312097003552 30.7kg
FS10884 Deluxe Order Picker 2.1m 1.94M (6’3”) 9312097003491 33.5kg
FS10885 Deluxe Order Picker 2.4m 2.21M (7’2”) 9312097003507 35.6kg
FS10886 Deluxe Order Picker 3.0m 2.76M (9’1”) 9312097003514 52kg
FS10887 Deluxe Order Picker 3.6m 3.31M (10’8”) 9312097003521 52kg
FS10888 Deluxe Order Picker 4.2m 3.86M (12’7”) 9312097003565 62kg
FS10406 Deluxe Order Picker Shelf N/A N/A 2.6kg

Extension Ladders

Industrial and trade quality ladders for builders, plumbers, carpenters etc who want a ladder to last. Features standard to all models include:

  • Sturdy, corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • An it-slip rubber feet for added safety and stability with reinforcing plates
  • Flat tread 'D' shaped rungs for surer footing.
  • Made
  • to Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1892.1
  • Patented and convenient side pulley and rope extension system to keep rope away from users' feet.
  • 150kg Load Rating / Industrial Duty Rating
  • XHD construct resists sway, turn and flex.
  • Level-Eze™ Ladder Leveling Device available as an accessory
Product No Description Size EAN Code Weight
FS20290 BMKD 8 2.68/4.21m (8'/14') 9312097019133 12.3kg
FS20291 BMKD 9 2.99/4.82 (9'/16') 9312097019140 13.3kg
FS20292 BMKD 10 3.29/5.43m (10'/18') 9312097019157 16.9kg
FS20293 BMKD 11 3.60/6.04m (11'/20') 9312097019164 18.9kg
FS20294 BMKD 12 3.90/6.65m (12'/22') 9312097019171 20.3kg
FS20295 BMKD 13 4.21/7.26m (13'/24') 9312097019188 21.8kg
FS20296 BMKD 14 4.51/7.87m (14'26') 9312097019195 23.7kg
FS20297 BMKD 15 4.82/8.48m (15'/28') 9312097019201 30.1kg
FS20298 BMKD 16 5.12/9.09m (16'/30') 9312097019218 32.1kg
FS20299 BMKD 17 5.43/9.70m (17'/32') 9312097019225 33.9kg
FS20300 BMKD 18 6.04/10.31m (19'/34') 9312097019232 36.8kg
FS20301 BMKD 20 6.34/10.92m (20'/36') 9312097019249 38.9kg

Steel Order Picking Ladder

These Mobile Platforms provide ladder type access to heights from 470mm to 2800mm. The all steel construction, generous base width and length, and the use of the easy lock castor arrangement ensures that the platform is highly stable yet easy to man oeuvre. The easy lock system locks the platform firmly into place when the bottom step is lowered, transferring the weight of the two swivel castors to the fixed legs. Raising the bottom step returns the weight to the castors for mobility. The easy lock is a positive acting cam mechanism. The generous step width and gentle step rise makes the top platform easy to access. Fold out stability arms are provided for the 9-12 step platforms for extra safety.

Product No Steps Platform Height mm Packed DIMENSIONS mm Weight
GTS29/2 2 470 1200 x 820 x 380 58kg
GTS29/3 3 705 1450 x 820 x 380 61kg
GTS29/4 4 940 1500 x 820 x 380 64kg
GTS29/5 5 1175 1520 x 820 x 380 66kg
GTS29/6 6 1410 1800 x 820 x 380 73kg
GTS29/7 7 1650 2100 x 820 x 380 84kg
GTS29/8 8 1880 2370 x 820 x 380 95kg
GTS29/9 9 2130 2650 x 820 x 500 114kg
GTS29/10 10 2300 2850 x 820 x 500 133kg
GTS29/11 11 2560 3050 x 820 x 500 150kg
GTS29/12 12 2800 3300 x 820 x 500 165kg